Gaia Nature Conservation Centre

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We started our planting programme in late 2018. In last 2020 only, we have planted 206,279 trees; restoring 76.6 hectares of land in special used watershed forest (most important land in terms of nature conservation and eco security), in five provinces.

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Gaia Nature Conservation Centre

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Our Earth is in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction, with the loss of about 30-90% of the Earth’s species. Afforestation to restore bare lands and improve forest quality is an effective and urgent solution to slow down the 6th Mass Extinction and mitigate climate change.

Afforestation is even more effective when cooperation comes from the government, enterprises, schools and individuals. When you plant a tree with Gaia, you not only plant a tree, but you sow a seed of confidence in the future for a greener Vietnam.

See six special features of planting forests with Gaia here:

We started our planting programme in late 2018. In 2020 alone, we have planted 206,279 trees, restoring 76.6 hectares of land in forrested watersheds (the most important land in terms of nature conservation and eco-security) across five provinces in Vietnam.

We will take care of the newly planted trees for four years after they are planted to ensure a surviving rate of more than 80-85%. Care-taking activities will be conducted twice a year, they include cutting wild grass and vines, stirring soil, adding organic fertilizer, and treating diseases.


  • Reduce climate change
  • Reforestation
  • Create a habitat for endangered species
  • Improve livelihoods of the locals
  • Mitigate effects of floods and storms

Top Trees Species

Gaia plants roughly 100 different species of native large timber in six different national parks and protected areas

  • Erythrophleum fordii
  • Hopea odorata
  • Madhuca pasquieri
  • Pterocarpus macrocarpus

Wildlife Protected

Each of our forests protect different endangered species. The Dong Nai Forest plantation helped preserve one of the last wild elephant populations in Vietnam. Dong Nai has a population of about 16-21 Asian Elephants. In the Bach Ma Forest, we will help to protect the endangered Red-shanked Douc and many other birds. In the Xuan Lien Forest, we can save the Bos Gaurus (Indian Bison). Ben En National Park is to protect the Northern white-cheeked gibbon. And the list goes on…

Challenges & threats for development

-> Lack of funding: the total area in need of afforestation in National Parks and Protected areas in Vietnam is quite high, but sadly, the government does not have a big enough budget to conduct adequate afforestation, and even with our individual donators, we still struggle to get the needed amounts.

-> The forest is destroyed quickly due to rapid urbanisation. Forest destruction is one of the biggest issues in Vietnam’s ecosystem. Forest land is destroyed and used to construct resorts and theme parks. At the same time, wood and other forestry products are harvested and sold illegally.

-> Due to Covid-19, many employees are working from home and are spending more time in National Parks and protected areas, creating a bigger threat on forest and wildlife due to littering.