Narvarte Poniente, México

Our mission is to recreate natural forests around the country. In the last 18 years we have planted about a million trees, the last year we couldn’t plant any because of the pandemic. The total area impacted by our reforestations is about 50 000 km 2

Governance Overview

Total Income
Votes Delegated
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Project Overview

Trees Planted
1,000,000 (1mln)
Hectares Restored
50 000 km 2
Planting Season
May – August, August – October


Naturalia has been able to make significant contributions to the recovery and protection of Mexican biodiversity. We have created private reserves that cover about 30,000 hectares of key wildlands that are helping preserve several endangered species and ecosystems. We have significantly contributed to the restoration of forests and the capture of greenhouse gases through the 1 million trees planted in our reforstation projects.

We have also contributed a lot to the education and awareness of Mexican society through the production and distribution of several educational materials (including the first magazine about conservation in Mexico which has been available for 22 years) and giving many talks and presentations (more than 600) in schools and universities.

For us, the creation of new protected areas for restoration and animal recovery, is about US $ 450,000 for the protection of 2,000 hectares. For a reforestation project it is about US $ 20,000 for every hectare reforested.


  • Climate change
  • Reforestation
  • Empowerment of local
  • Create a habitat for endangered species
  • Indigenous and traditional communities

Top Trees Species

The species native to our areas are several species of pines

  • Pinus
  • Qercus

Wildlife Protected

We have contributed significantly to the recovery of some endangered species like the Mexican Wolf (which was reintroduced to the wild by Naturalia for the first time in 30 years in Mexico). We help protect and recover the habitats of beavers, prairie dogs, green macaws, bald eagles, river otters, and pronghorn among other endangered species.

Challenges & threats for development

-> The government has reduced the federal budget for environmental issues in half.

-> The government has weakened the protection of parks and reserves. There is almost no law enforcement against crimes against Nature and many threats are growing on the ground.